Check out DWMMA’s previous BJJ/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mentor, Kenny “K-Flo” Florian,  on UFC 136 this Saturday Oct 8th, in the co-headliner match against UFC featherweight title holder Jose “Junior” Aldo for the  championship.  Both Contenders encompass potent standup ability and rare athleticism. This fight will be one to tune in and watch.

Whether you order it Pay Per View at home or go watch the event at Buffalo Wild Wings; the whole main fight card for UFC 136 could very well be one of the best main fight cards we’ve seen all year.

Main Fight Card:

Headline Match
Edgar vs. Maynar
Co-Headline Match
Florian Vs Aldo
Other Matches on the Fight Card
Sonnen vs Stann
Gracia vs. Phan
Guillard vs. Lauzon

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