There are many benefits to training in Krav Maga, Salem Massachusetts.  You learn real-life self-defense techniques, and get in great shape at the same time.  The experience of a krav maga class is different from any other style.

What makes Krav Maga Massachusetts different from other styles in the intensity of the training.  It is non-stop action that gets your adrenaline pumping, and challenges you both physically and mentally.  so, you will not only build muscle and strength, you will also sharpen you mind and senses.

The classes are designed this way not just for the excitement and entertainment value.  The philosophy behind the training methods is that in order to really be able to perform in a street fight, self-defense, situation–you have to train yourself to deal with the adrenaline and stress that comes with it.

Krav Maga trains you to deal with stress, fight under pressure, and deal with even the most unexpected attack. There is not other style that can duplicate the skills that you develop in Krav Maga MA.  So, if you would like to REALLY learn how to defend yourself in any situation, get yourself into Krav Maga ASAP!

Learn Self-Defense, Gain Confidence and Get in Great Shape. Discover how anyone can Train and Enjoy Krav Maga Salem MA,  regardless of your Age, Fitness level or Experience.

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Dragon Within Mixed Martial Arts, Salem MA , provides the most realistic and practical fitness & self-defense programs for Massachusetts and North Shore Area including:
Peabody MA, Salem MA, Beverly MA, Lynn MA, Marblehead MA, Danvers MA

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