ImageLearning the Krav Maga technique requires total physical commitment as well as mental toughness that can carry you through challenges of all kinds. In the past 75 years, much has changed since Imi Lichtenfeld first fought for his neighborhood in Slovakia. However, several cornerstones of the technique have held firm. Every Krav Maga fighter of the past and present has learned to approach each of these elements with complete focus.

  1. Self-defense. The key is not meeting strength with strength in Krav Maga. Instead, you are taught to look for weaknesses in a typically larger opponent. Trading blows is inadvisable and dangerous under the circumstances. Try to hit in the throat, the groin or the eyes to put an aggressor on the defensive. You need to be precise when going after these targets or you will be faced with a secondary attack.
  1. Offense. Defense stops the attack of an assailant. You block a punch; stop a kick; deflect a tackle; or avoid a chase. Once you are in the clear, you need to make sure your attacker can’t lodge another assault. React swiftly and pummel your opponent into submission. Unless you move quickly and inflict damage, you are putting yourself in further danger. In Krav Maga, the best defense is a good offense.
  1. Disarming assailants. Taking weapons from opponents is essential to preservation. You might be threatened with knives, guns, bats, chains, sticks, swords or any number of terrifying objects in the course of your defense. Devise a technique with teachers to respond to the deployment of any weapon imaginable. While military operations require this skill, it is useful for civilian defense as well.
  1. Fighting with supreme confidence. Stepping into a sea of enemies and emerging in sound health is a feat that requires the ultimate concentration and supreme confidence. Krav Maga black belts are known for fearlessness and power in the face of high danger. Prepare mentally for the greatest challenges a human being can face and you will be ready to confront the most fearsome challenges that come your way.
  1. Achieving the highest level of stamina. In a fight to the death or during flight from menacing forces, the utmost in stamina is required of Krav Maga masters. As you progress through the different levels of skill, push yourself to train at levels of strength and endurance you never thought possible. Becoming a master at this self-defense technique requires a total physical commitment. There is no telling what type of endurance may be required of a fighter with his back against the wall.

The locations and the type of fighting have changed since Lichtenfeld honed his warrior technique in Bratislava. What hasn’t changed is the fearlessness with which a Krav Maga fighter must approach combat on a daily basis. Keeping your cool and moving from defense to decisive offense is the only way to make a foe submit. Learn from your masters how to become the state-of-the-art fighter you can be with Krav Maga.

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