Women. You need to stand up and start getting the respect you all deserve.  What better way to start, than by joining our Krav Maga self defense classes!?  In this class you will learn the fastest and easiest ways to disarm and escape an attacker.  Wether you are walking the streets, or moseying home after work, you will need this training to beat the bag out of that drunk male hoodlum, or your worst nightmare.

Get the practice you need before it’s too late.  In class you will physically practice the scenarios of an attack to teach your muscles how to respond effectively.   These exclusive methods will show you how easy it is to incapacitate and escape attackers.  At Dragon Within we work with prop weapons, so mentally you are prepared to move and respond with fierce efficiency and intelligence.  It is so good you will want to bring your friends!

Join and learn with your friends so you can be a systematic defense team when you go out for the night!  If anyone was to try anything aggressive, you will feel safe knowing that you all have this practice under your belt.  You will feel and look better  than ever after just a couple months!

This class is the mark of a journey that you start the moment you come in for your first lesson!  It says that you want to learn self defense and get fit in the process.  It shows that you want to get in better shape and inevitably, by taking this class you will.  It is a great workout program because of our power up conditioning system.  The conditioning includes push ups, cardio, and jab hook combinations that will really give you a full body workout.  Ultimately you will gain the combination of intellectual and physical fitness in a fun, stress free environment!

Respect yourself, and your body enough to protect it.  Learn self defense mechanisms that could save your life.  Its fun and something you and your friends can do together.  Call now to get started!

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Knowing self-defense empowers you with powerful techniques, strategies and confidence for life-long success!

Dragon Within Martial Arts, Salem MA, provides the most realistic and practical self-defense programs for Massachusetts and North Shore Area including:
MMA Peabody MAMMA Salem MAMMA Beverly MAMMA Lynn MAMMA Marblehead MAMMA Danvers MAMMA Swampscott MAMMA Nahant MA

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