Is your child having trouble with bullies at school?  Dragon Within Martial Arts helps many different kids learn about bullying and how it can be prevented safely and respectfully.  Bullying is most commonly seen as being physical, verbal and always confrontational. Whether it’s kids or adults, face-to-face confrontations are frequently the way bullies go after their victims.   But it’s not the only way. Cyberbullying through internet social networks, texting and cell phones can be just as damaging as physical showdowns.  Bullying will not cease to exist unless kids police themselves and their friends.  Here at Dragon Within we work with children to teach and motivate them to stand up for them selves and others facing a bully.  We show children how to defuse a bully by practicing a variety of self defense methods and movements.  We also conduct monthly “Mat Chats” where we sit together and discuss bullying and how to stop it.  It takes a sincere effort from both children and parents to successfully put an end to bullying.

Parent involvement and communication in their child’s life can also help prevent bullying.  Consistently providing a ride to and from class may be a good time where parents can address issues in school like bullying, and new friendships.  Parental presence should also extend into the digital world where new found “cyber bullying” can take place as well.  This new generation has proven that a iphone or laptop can become a weapon even in the hands of the most innocent-looking children.   The distant communication of the internet provides children with a way to hurt others at no physical risk of danger.  Kids who would never dream of shouting at another student or shaking a fist in someone’s face, can send threatening text messages or start vicious rumors on the Internet about another child.  One solution to cyberbullying could be that as a parent you must have them add you as a friend on Facebook and be permitted to follow them on Twitter and Instagram or they lose the privilege to the sites themselves.  You could also make it mandatory that you know the login information to their social sites.  Some other preventive steps that can avoid bullying can start at home with moms and dads talking to their kids, picking up on their conversations about other children, supervising their use of cell phones making sure that they become neither victims nor perpetrators of cyberbullying.  Some kids might find such intervention an invasion of privacy. Some parents might, too. But it’s like talking to children about drugs and alcohol. If you can save a kid’s life from ruin, your own or someone else’s, interceding is the right thing to do.

In order to stop bullying we have to understand why kids do it.  Some bully because they feel insecure.   At Dragon Within we help our students develop self confidence.  Building self confidence is very important because it strengthens your child’s integrity and self esteem.  These are building blocks to making good decisions outside of school like issues involving bully prevention and peer pressure.  Other kids bully because they simply lack self control and coping mechanisms to deal with anger and frustration.  We demonstrate the importance of being focused and controlled in class so that they may reflect the same self control when faced with a bully outside of class.  The positive social values like self control and self confidence may also be just what your child needs to not become a bully or cyberbully.

At our academy we teach our students that bullying is unacceptable. We help establish rules about bullying and we stick to them.   We also teach kids to treat others with respect and kindness.   Our institution houses a diverse student body and is great for children to learn how to treat all different kinds of people with the same respect and kindness.  In our monthly Mat Chats we discuss with our students, how to identify situations that may lead to bullying so that they can recognize and prevent it from happening.  If your child is being bullied or is getting in trouble at school for bullying, Dragon Within Martial Arts can help.

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