People often wonder what benefits there are to learning Martial Arts. Learning Krav Maga is not only for Self-Defense, but also for personal aspiration too. Martial Arts, especially Krav Maga, strongly implements the idea of pursuing and achieving personal goals. Through the struggles of practice and studying Krav Maga, you can bring energy to yourself as well as others. There is a long road of discipline, training, and knowledge that needs to be absorbed before you can really be comfortable, but each class you take will get you that much closer.

Beyond just the shear comfort of personal security that you will develop for yourself, there is the ever-existing factor of the presence of other people. Krav Maga isn’t just to defend yourself, but also for your love ones too. Keep in mind, not everyone knows how to defend themselves, so stepping in to take action and saving someone you love from getting hurt, or worse, may be a situation that you will come across sometime in your life; luckily for you, you will be ready for it. In addition to saving other people and/or yourself, Krav Maga/Self-Defense training at its core is just a great way to exercise. For people that prefer more hands-on fitness training that require precision, strategy, and accuracy, Krav Maga is a fantastic way to let out some built up aggression all while learning how to defend yourself and get into great shape.

To get away from the physical benefits of Krav Maga and Self-Defense training, there is a very large emotional benefit to studying and learning Krav Maga. By enduring the long, challenging, but fun process of pursuing higher ranks in Krav Maga, you will develop a strong center of self-confidence knowing how much your mind and body are able to achieve. Krav Maga is for a wide variety of ages, physiques, and personalities, which makes it such a universal way to exercise, study, and improve ones overall mental and physical well being.

For these reasons and more learning Krav Maga/Self-Defense can benefit and extend far beyond physical training. It may be a new growth opportunity to help you reach your goals in class and beyond.

Dragon Within Mixed Martial Arts offers the most  functional and realistic self-defense and fitness programs in the North Shore area.

We offer Thai KickboxingBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ)Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)Krav Maga/Self-Defense and Children’s programs.

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