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The start of the school season can be exciting or challenging for your child. Some may look forward to school days while others may struggle with their school work or social challenges. Either way Martial Arts can help your child develop tools to make the school year more successful.


No matter what age, learning requires the ability to focus on the task at hand and the discipline to see it through. These skills won’t come naturally but can be developed with practice.

A belt system in Martial Arts training gives students goals to work toward. These goals can take years to reach and require commitment and discipline to reach them. In each class, students need to focus on the tasks at hand as well as what they need to do for their personal journey. Shutting out distractions and focusing on task at hand are skills that transfer to many other areas of life.


Confidence can affect many aspects of a child’s life. It may interfere with their ability to tackle tasks or cause social problems. Low confidence can even prevent your child from experiencing new opportunities. Even children who have good confidence can benefit from reinforcement as they move through adolescence.

Martial Arts training provides regular challenges and paths to overcome them. As the child reaches their goals, their confidence grows and not just confidence in the martial art itself. They will feel more confidence in their ability to overcome challenges, in their physical abilities, and in their ability to defend themselves if needed. This kind of confidence can carry over into how they handle challenges at school or address bully situations.


Children may be the bullies, victims, bystanders, or even those that assist the bully or victim. Like most social problems, solutions can be complex but martial arts may play a role. Low self-esteem and confidence is a common factor among bullies and victims. Children who develop more confidence through activities like martial arts may be less likely to bully or be bullied. They may also feel more confident to step up and say something if they see someone else being bullied.

Contrary to popular belief, martial arts does not promote physical violence and bullying. Negative aggression is actually against martial arts principles and this kind of feedback makes negative behavior less enjoyable for children.

Many martial arts programs also have an antibully component that helps children learn how to deal with bullies through nonviolent means. Of course, if needed, children also understand how to physically defend themselves. Sometimes this type of knowledge, gives a child the confidence to defend themselves verbally before bullying escalates.


Children in Martial Arts programs often train together for years which can form unique bonds. Classes also often include children with a variety of skill levels. This means your child has the chance to develop patience and compassion when working with children with less training; and receive benefits from other students that have more experience.

These experiences may make your child less likely to be bullied or to bully. It may also help your child learn skills to step in and stop a bullying situation.

For these reasons and more martial art benefits extend far beyond physical training. It may be a new growth opportunity to help your child reach goals in class and beyond.

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It’s that time of year when you begin to explore activity options for your child. While both martial arts and team sports can provide conditioning and team camaraderie, martial arts has a unique set of benefits for your child. Whether martial arts and self-defense is your child’s sole focus or a part of their activity schedule, they can find the following benefits.

Everyone Gets a Chance

One of the best features of martial arts is that everyone gets the chance to shine. Each child is taught to focus on achieving their best in every class and encouraged to participate no matter what skill level they are at. In sport teams, the focus may fall on team achievements. Developed players often have more opportunities than late bloomers. As a result, some are left to watch from the sidelines, leading to a disparity in skill development. This can be demoralizing.

With martial arts, the mats are always full and “benches” remain vacant. Everyone has a chance to participate and engage with a variety of students. Children are encouraged to try even if they may fail because this helps them develop physical and mental strength to grow their skills and face obstacles with confidence.

Self Confidence

The growth of physical skills and progression through belt ranks can boost your child’s confidence, similar to that in team sport accomplishments. However, part of martial art and self-defense training is the ability to assess a situation and problem solve. This thought process is not only helpful in self-defense situations but also in finding ways to navigate awkward social encounters, stressful situations, or new environments.

Stopping Bullying and Safety

Bullying is a common and stressful childhood encounter. There is no doubt that martial arts can teach children to physically defend themselves when needed. However, the majority of bullying can be stopped when a child or children stand up to the bully. Martial arts can give children the confidence and knowledge to stand up for themselves and others.

There is also a fear that martial arts build bullies, but that is not true. Compassion and respect are deeply rooted principles of martial arts, practiced in class, and encouraged in everyday life. Since bullies are often struggling with self-respect and control, martial arts can help them feel more positive about themselves and decrease the risk of them bullying others.

Gender Equality

Both boys and girls benefit from martial arts training and it is one of the few activities where they can compete together. This gives both genders an equal opportunity to bring out the best within themselves and avoid gender-set limits.

If you have more than one child it is also an opportunity to have all your children in one place at the same time.

As you begin to search for activity options for your child consider martial arts training for a well-rounded activity that includes skill development, confidence building, self-defense, compassion, respect, and opportunity. Your child may find that martial arts are their main focus or an important part in helping them excel in other sports.

Dragon Within Mixed Martial Arts offers the most  functional and realistic self-defense and fitness programs in the North Shore area.

We offer Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Krav Maga and Children’s programs.

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