Krav Maga: Self-Defense & Fitness

Build Confidence, Learn Realistic Self-Defense, Learn a Highly Effective system that will Teach to Defend yourself while you Get in Shape!

Krav maga is one of the most effective and realistic hand to hand combat system ever created. Why? It deals with any attack in the fastest, most effective way possible! Krav Maga strips away the “ineffective” approaches to combat in traditional martial arts styles, there are no Kata’s, forms or rules. This makes it effective and extremely fast for anyone of any age, fitness and experience level to learn and use the self-defense techniques with the most effectiveness.

The Main principals behind Krav Maga techniques are to employ the most effective and fastest techniques to incapacitate your opponent and avoid further injury by doing so. It gives you real-life, practical, no-nonsense self-defense techniques to protect yourself against any violent attack you may encounter.

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