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“I am not the type of person who could do Martial Arts…”

“I am not a fighter; I just want to get in shape…”

“All the people at MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) gyms are muscle-heads who just like to punch things…”

Have you ever thought these things when asked about taking a program at an Mixed Martial Arts gym?  If so, then you are one of MANY people who have been plagued my MMA stereotyping.  Now, I am not saying that ALL Mixed Martial Arts gyms are right for everybody, because some aren’t.  The key is knowing how to choose the correct academy.

When you walk in…take a deep breath.  Look around and get a feel for the atmosphere.  Are the people there friendly?  Are they ALL big muscle heads screaming and punching things?  If they aren’t then take a deep breath out and let yourself relax; unless, of course, that is the kind of place you are looking for.

A lot of martial arts gyms get branded with a bad name because of the stereotypes.  Dragon Within Mixed Martial Arts, Salem MA, is a place that is nothing like what you probably have heard.  We offer a friend atmosphere and environment where people of any background and fitness level can train.  Our programs we offer such as: Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ), Filipino Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) and Children’s Programs, are all taught in a safe, fun and ego-free environment.

Here are some of the testimonials from people who, at one point, thought the same thing about Martial Arts:

I met Dennis in 2002 when he opened Curves for Woman in Salem. I stopped going after a while.

I unexpectedly ran into Dennis in 2006 and was excited to hear that he had opened a new gym called DWMMA. He spoke to me about his Boxing, Thai Kickboxing, MMA, and Self Defense classes that were being offered through his gym. Because of my past experience with Dennis I knew it would be a great workout and excellent opportunity to learn self-defense.

Dennis immediately made me feel comfortable and increased my confidence and motivation level. He pushed me to do my best and always stressed the importance of proper technique. I definitely feel like I have accomplished something for myself by attending DWMMA and my motivation hasn’t wavered. He continuously makes the classes interesting, fun and routines constantly vary. He truly pushes me to believe in myself and to do things that I never thought would be possible. I have been seeing amazing results, increased strength, energy and confidence in myself.

I not only feel better about my physical self but with his help I truly feel better in mind, body, and spirit.

-Ann Blouin

When I started looking at MMA schools to train at it was a little intimidating, as I didn’t know what to expect. What I found at DWMMA was a world-class gym with a staff to match. The students/instructors are all very helpful and make you feel welcomed. It’s an environment where there are no egos. You can challenge yourself while getting a great workout in a safe and friendly environment.

-Jay Sartori

I have been training Thai Kickboxing at DWMMA for a little over two years. I initially signed up because I was bored with the typical workout routines that I was limited to at standard gyms and wanted to try something new and challenging. What I found was a great, intense workout in a fun and supportive environment.

Dennis and the other instructors are great. They really push you to get as much out of each class as possible. At the same breaking down all of the techniques and making sure that you have proper form. They stress the importance of taking drills “alive”, so it’s more than just about memorizing a 15 count or a boxing feed but being able to defend or attack when an opponent is resisting.

Aside from the Thai Kickboxing I also participate in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA classes at DWMMA. I have found that all of the classes really compliment each other and help to make you more well-rounded when it comes to self-defense.

If you are looking for a great workout and a way to get in shape and relieve stress all while learning self-defense techniques at the same time I would highly recommend coming in and checking out a class at DWMMA.

-Keith Doty

So, if you’re not sure if Dragon Within Mixed Martial Arts, Salem MA, is the right choice for you; call, email or stop by and relieve that stigma of what you thought Mixed Martial Arts was and experience what a great Martial Arts academy can offer you!



Dragon Within Mixed Martial Arts, Salem MA, provides the most realistic and practical self-defense programs for Massachusetts and North Shore Area including:

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