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Dragon Within for Anti-Bullying.

So I want to touch base on some of the youtube videos and such that are going viral. What is with these kids and teenagers beating each other till they end up killing one another? Now I wont go into parenting choices, because frankly, everyone does it differently.

It is said from the mouths of kids that bullying is mean. It makes them feel mad, and want to seek revenge. Are our school system doing enough to stop these bullies in their tracks? And what makes these children lash out and bully in first place? Is it anger? Is it jealousy? This is where self control and discipline comes in.

Children need an outlet. They need a place to release all their energy and frustration. At the same time they need structure and discipline. Dragon Within Martial Arts provides the discipline and structure these kids need in their life. They will be in a group with other peers and will have to show respect to each individual and their instructor. They will follow a strong set of rules. Martial arts will teach awareness and help with prevention of that anger that is instilled in so many troubled kids. It will help develop confidence that so many children and young adults lack in their lives. One of the main reasons for bullying is due to the lack of confidence in ones self.

If Dragon Within martial arts is adopted for a longer length of time, the student will learn to attain proficiency. Some people make martial arts a life long pursuit. This will create a stronger mind to body connection and develop self respect and awareness. The student will learn to focus and open up their mind and body to gain some spiritual connection. Now of course this is different to each person and not everyone will get the same result out of it. But the important part is that everyone learns the respect and discipline.

Isn’t that what we need? Respect for each other and ourselves? I mean isn’t the main reason why we bully is for our own self gain? In a dojo, the expectations of each student are so great, they don’t have time to bully one another. At the same time, it is like a family setting. Everyone supports each other and helps each other. Giving a more relaxed atmosphere and friendly environment.

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What can you do to protect your child from bullying?

The key to helping your child if he or she is being bullied, is to be familiar with the warning signs of bullying.  Talk with your children.  Be involved.  Talk with the school and if they don’t have a bullying program already, help set one up.  Statistics show that schools that have bully programs–bullying is reduced by 50%.

The second way to help your child cope with bullying is to enroll them in martial arts.  Studies show that children enrolled in martial arts, make better, more thought out decisions and are less likely to be influenced by their peers.  Martial arts also gives kids confidence.  Which can be beneficial in many aspects of your child’s life beyond bullying.  Confident children are less likely to be picked on in school.  Confidence can also help your child with their school work and getting through day-to-day activities. 

At Dragon Within Martial Arts, Salem MA; we strive to teach kids how to intelligently cope with bullying.  We teach children that violence isn’t the answer… to use their “common sense before self-defense”; however, if that doesn’t work, we will give your child the skills needed to properly defend themselves from physical and mental bullying.  Unlike traditional martial arts schools, which focus on tournaments and fancy moves; Dragon Within  Martial Arts teaches the most realistic self-defense system for your children that’s fun, interesting and extremely beneficial for the positive development of their future.

Along with learning something that’s fun and keeps your kids physically active; our age specific curriculum, teaches important social values and instills a high level of confidence within children:  starting with our Little Dragons Program (ages 4-6) to our Junior Programs (7-13) all the way up to our Teen Martial Arts Program (13-16).  Dragon Within helps children cope with being bullied and peer pressure.  We not only help kids cope with being bullied  but we instill positive social values such as: respect, honesty, humility, dignity and help children get along with others and treat them with respect.  Instilling these social values early on will help prevent your child from possibly becoming a bully.

Knowing self-defense empowers children with powerful techniques, strategies and confidence for life-long success!

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