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self-defensebwDragon Within would like to take a moment to announce that Miss Nevada, a 4th degree black belt, took the win for Miss America 2014! Good for her, and she did it while standing up martial arts and believing in all that it stands for. But why the backlash? She stated in her interview that colleges are afraid to come out to the public when it comes to woman being assaulted so they brush it under the rug. How truthful she is. And she stands for women defending themselves even when no one else will. In fact statistic’s show that 19% of college girls are sexually assaulted and that the colleges do almost nothing about it.


At Dragon Within we agree with Miss Nevada. We think that all women should know how to take care of themselves. Woman should never get caught in a situation they can’t handle. We teach Krav Maga for just that reason. We want to keep everyone safe and well disciplined. From peer pressure to bullying to flat out being attacked, woman need to realize that they don’t have to be alone. With Krav Maga self defence techniques, woman will learn the striking and defense they will need in life to keep themselves out of trouble. Dragon Within even does private lessons to make sure students have a handle on the techniques of Krav Maga. No woman or student or child should be left to defend themselves, but unfortunately we can not change what is going in this world today. The only thing we can do is make sure each and every person is prepared for it and knows how to have discipline and how to react in any given situation. You can not change a person, you can only change yourself to get the reaction out of the person you want. And that reaction is to get them to leave you alone.


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In the tale of Imi Lichtenfeld and his staunch defense of Bratislava turf in the 1930s, we see an athlete adapting to the times by perfecting street fighting. Later, when Lichtenfeld was advising the Israeli Defense Forces on his “contact combat” techniques, the focus was on soldiers who carried weapons and traveled in battalions. Upon retiring from the army in the 1960s, Lichtenfeld refined his technique and brought it back to its roots from the days in Bratislava. Today’s Krav Maga represents a hybrid of military and street fighting tactics.

The Struggle for Eastern Europe

As Slovakia and other parts of Easter Europe fell to Nazi and fascist forces, the Jewish ghettos became warzones. Lichtenfeld’s hand-to-hand combat technique was pure survival: when he saw a knife exposed, he learned to dodge and when he saw a pack of men, he learned to evade and advance to keep them off-balance; and when he had the opportunity, he struck hard and fast so assailants never got a second chance. This approach was the essence of Krav Maga: street fighting to survive one of the ugliest periods in history.

Birth of an Israeli Nation

The country of Israel was the UN’s answer to the need for a home for exiled and displaced European Jews. Lichtenfeld had been in the country since the 1940s and became a fixture in paramilitary organizations. As the IDF emerged, he remained one of the key forces in training soldiers in self-defense and rapid response to aggression. His “contact combat” technique was military-ready. Soldiers could disarm opponents carrying weapons of all times and attack even when helmets and other protection were in place.

Return to Civilian Self-Defense

When Lichtenfeld retired from the IDF, he used his experience from his Bratislava days as well as his time in the military to perfect a technique that civilians could use for everyday safety. The Israel of his time was as insecure as the modern nation, forcing every civilian find a way to protect him or herself. Instead of advising how to take a machine gun from an opposing solider, Lichtenfeld showed students how to take a knife away and how to block punches and expect advances.

The system of Krav Maga in practice around the world is a product of this final refinement by Lichtenfeld after his military days. Physical fitness and mental toughness remain the cornerstones of the technique. From his early days as a boxer and wrestler, Lichtenfeld knew the importance of stamina, endurance and stubbornness in the face of long odds. Every Krav Maga fighter learns how to make his or her way out of a tough situation. Every Krav Maga fighter knows how to stop an opponent from coming back a second time.

In some ways, the approach of the IDF and regular civilians is the same. Though civilians are typically alone and do not face assailants carrying heavy weapons, the need to stand up to danger and overcome it is the same. Krav Maga fighters know how to come out on top and survive in the toughest possible spots.

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One criticism that is quite common of many of the traditional martial arts is that they often cannot be applied in real life. Sure, there are a lot of fancy moves, but they often won’t hold up when you’re trying to defend yourself out on the street. You see, most of the martial arts were actually developed to be sports, which is why they may not be really applicable in real life. However, Krav Maga is much different. It was developed for people who were in distress and there are no rules, just dirty fighting for survival. So, if you are considering training in Krav Maga, it is definitely a worthy pursuit; in fact, here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you train in Krav Maga.

Benefit #1 – One of the main benefits of training in Krav Maga is that you’ll learn how to defend yourself in almost every situation. You’ll learn how to protect yourself on the street with your new skills. Whether you want to believe it or not, the world we live in is really not that safe and learning how to defend yourself is important. Training in Krav Maga will help you quickly learn simple and effective techniques that will help you stay safe.

Benefit #2 –  Another great benefit of learning Krav Maga is that you will no doubt get into great shape quite quickly. Krav Maga is very demanding physically and the training will help you lose fat, gain muscle, and will have you looking and feeling great in no time. Your strength, stamina, endurance, and flexibility will also increase as you train as well.

Benefit #3 – Many people don’t deal with stress because they are fearful and anxious. When you learn Krav Maga, you’ll learn how to deal with that stress, how to function with it, and how you can recover. You’ll also learn how to get tough internally and externally. Also, since it is such a high energy workout, it will work as a stress reliever too.

Benefit #4 –  Since Krav Maga will be teaching you how to hone your own natural reactions, it will be easy to learn and will provide you with a boost in your self confidence as well. Those training you will keep you motivated and will help you achieve the goals you have been striving towards. At the end of the training, you’ll leave a much more confident individual than when you came.

Benefit #5 –  If you want to be on the cutting edge of self defense, then Krav Maga is a great choice. Today it is one of the martial arts that is the fastest growing throughout the world. It is used by the Secret Service, the FBI, the CIA, and even NYPD. There are a variety of celebrities that are also learning this style of self defense, including Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Patrick Swayze, and Lucy Liu. You won’t have to worry about rituals or outfits, but you’ll get the best self defense training out there today.

Benefit #6 –  Yet another important benefit of training in Krav Maga is that you’ll learn situational awareness and how you can be aware of what is going on in every situation. This is extremely important, since self defense actually starts out with being aware of what is going on around you.

Benefit #7 – Not only are you going to learn about properly defending and protecting yourself and others, but the training is actually exciting and enjoyable as well. As you learn Krav Maga you’ll have a great time, learning new things, meeting new people, and building your confidence in yourself. You won’t have to worry about boring classes, or senseless rituals. You can have a great time, all the while learning one of the best methods of hand to hand combat out there.

Benefit #8 – Self Control – As you train in Krav Maga, you’ll also learn a lot about self control. You will learn to develop your senses and you’ll also learn how to foresee any movements that your attacker may make. As you train more and more in this martial art, more and more of the moves will become instinctive to you, which is important. Instead of having to think about the moves before you perform them, eventually it will become a reflexive movement that is controlled by the brain. Being able to have this type of self control is important, since you’ll have to rely on instincts if you are ever attacked.

As you can see, there are many great benefits to training in Krav Maga. If these benefits look appealing to you, then consider signing up for a class in your area today. No doubt you will never regret making this choice and you’ll be adequately prepared to meet adversity in your life.


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Dragon Within Mixed Martial Arts, Salem MA , provides the most realistic and practical fitness & self-defense programs for Massachusetts and North Shore Area including:
Peabody MA, Salem MA, Beverly MA, Lynn MA, Marblehead MA, Danvers MA


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