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I came across this video today on from ABC News, and it made me so sick to my stomach to think that there are these types of people in the world. Thankfully, this story had a happy ending. This little girl (just 7 years old) was at Walmart, with her mother. She left her alone for a few minutes and a man tried to kidnap her. This girl fought back and the guy let her go. It is so important to give your kids the “fight back” mentality and to educate all children on how to get away if something like this ever happens to one of them (let’s hope they never have to use it).

leave your child unattended in a store. With that said, I know you can’t always be at your child’s side. You have to let them do things alone…eventually. If this video scares you about your child then you should act. Learn what your children know about strangers. Test them. Above all, the best way to fully equip your child with the skills and knowledge to be able to get away and get help if they ever come across a person trying to harm them would be to sign them up for martial arts training.

At Dragon Within Martial Arts, we center our curriculum not on just traditional martial arts like karate, or Judo (etc) or for martial arts competitions but more to educate your children on how to protect themselves if they ever came across a bully, or even worse, a person who wants to hurt them. The instructors will show them what to do in an emergency situation from how to identify a “stranger danger” and what they should do if they came across one to knowing their phone number if they ever got lost or were in a bad situation. Also, the self-defense system we teach, is very realistic an practical so if they had to fight back, they could get away and find help.


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