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The popularity of the UFC and the massive growth of the tournament circuit has led many to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) as a means of taking part in competition. This is all well and good, but there was a day when BJJ was taught primarily as a self-defense art.

You always have to be capable of defending yourself in today’s day and age. Learning BJJ can prove to be one of the best arts you can study when dealing with the realities of serious self-defense scenarios. Remember in any self-defense situation, there is always the potential for a grave injury or even a fatality. When you are on the ground you will find yourself in a dire situation because you are prone to suffering from a blunt trauma injury to the head as the result of kicks or repeated punches. Such an attack could lead to the aforementioned fatality.

While there are definitely no easy answers or solutions to any self-defense situation, learning BJJ can definitely help you survive an assault that leaves you on the ground. The most obvious reason would be the fact that it helps you move on the ground effectively and efficiently.  You won’t have any wasted motion that does little more than tire you out. You also will be able to move with an eye on proper defensive maneuvers that are designed to protect you from any serious potential injury.

What further contributes to the value of BJJ as a self-defense art, would be the fact that it is an art based on leverage as opposed to strength.  You do not want to combat a bigger and stronger assailant with force, since you will likely lose such an encounter. However, if you use leverage and the law of physics, you will find it possible to address such a tough attacker in a manner that actually uses the opponent’s strength against him.

One other thing that does need to be mentioned would be the fact that BJJ puts a great deal of emphasis on chokes which are perfect for dealing with a larger and more powerful opponent. No matter how strong a person may be, if a choke is properly sunk in then the person is going to go to sleep – i.e. pass out.  BJJ will teach you how to choke someone out as well as get in the position where you actually can do so.

And yes, BJJ is an excellent art for getting someone under control without having to hurt them. In many self-defense situations, this approach would be the preferred one since not all altercations revolve around hurting someone.  For example if your older brother or spouse tried to pin you on the ground, you will learn and practice ways to remain safe and in control, without inflicting major injury.

Granted, it is still a good idea to study striking and even weapons based arts for self-defense like Krav Maga or Thai Kickboxing, but BJJ does fill in a host of gaps in your self-defense game. Most people just do not know how to properly defend themselves on the ground.  By practicing BJJ, you too can learn how!

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