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self-defensebwDragon Within would like to take a moment to announce that Miss Nevada, a 4th degree black belt, took the win for Miss America 2014! Good for her, and she did it while standing up martial arts and believing in all that it stands for. But why the backlash? She stated in her interview that colleges are afraid to come out to the public when it comes to woman being assaulted so they brush it under the rug. How truthful she is. And she stands for women defending themselves even when no one else will. In fact statistic’s show that 19% of college girls are sexually assaulted and that the colleges do almost nothing about it.


At Dragon Within we agree with Miss Nevada. We think that all women should know how to take care of themselves. Woman should never get caught in a situation they can’t handle. We teach Krav Maga for just that reason. We want to keep everyone safe and well disciplined. From peer pressure to bullying to flat out being attacked, woman need to realize that they don’t have to be alone. With Krav Maga self defence techniques, woman will learn the striking and defense they will need in life to keep themselves out of trouble. Dragon Within even does private lessons to make sure students have a handle on the techniques of Krav Maga. No woman or student or child should be left to defend themselves, but unfortunately we can not change what is going in this world today. The only thing we can do is make sure each and every person is prepared for it and knows how to have discipline and how to react in any given situation. You can not change a person, you can only change yourself to get the reaction out of the person you want. And that reaction is to get them to leave you alone.


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krav_maga_gunHow many of us watch the news lately and are disgusted? All it ever contains is, who killed who; who kidnapped who; and who robbed who. Do you ever wonder what if that happened to you? Dragon Within offers weapons defense tools and weapons defense training. Don’t get caught somewhere with out the knowledge and preparation of how to handle yourself. We use tools in our Krav Maga class to teach students the difference between situations that you should evade or defend. We don’t want to see anyone get into a situation that they have to use these tools, but weapons are a serious thing and need to be taken seriously.

What if you had some crazed maniac in your face with a weapon and you had your children and family to think about? Would you defend yourself, or even know how? I know a lot of us think, “it won’t happen to me”. But the truth is, it could very well happen to you. Why wait for something to happen, why not take a stand and prepare yourself now! This world we live in isn’t getting any easier so we all need to learn to defend ourselves. And this doesn’t mean to go out and bully random strangers just because they may look suspicious. It just means to be prepared in the event that one day you may need the training and skill, and you want to be ready. Or maybe you want your younger children to be ready. We need to take gun shot wounds seriously and educate ourselves on the effects.

Don’t let yourself be a victim of a horrible crime. Learn how to defend yourself and stand up for yourself. Make sure your that person that a criminal can not take advantage of or hurt. Take Krav Maga and learn the tools and techniques to make a stand.


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