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There are hundreds of options for conditioning but few have the all around benefits associated with martial arts training like Krav Maga, Thai Kickboxing and (BJJ)Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Classes can offer both cardiovascular and strength benefits through dynamic routines. They also provide an alternative to single focus activities like running or lifting and improve agility which can transfer to other sports or physical activities.

Interval Training

Most martial arts training include intervals, periods of high intensity followed by rest or low level    activity. Rounds may be 2-5 minutes of all out effort with a rest in between rounds. From the bleachers, 2-5 minutes may not seem like much, but working at high intensity can make those few minutes feel much longer. Training in these burst help your muscles work more efficiently under high demands and recover quickly in case you have another round to go. This type of conditioning not only improves your martial arts capabilities but is also associated with:

  • Improved cardiovascular endurance for workouts and day to day activities
  • Improved muscle strength and power
  • Increased metabolism (calorie burning) during and for a few hours after workout

Martial Arts training includes a variety of interval training options. Pad drills in Thai Kickboxing have 2-3 minute sessions where you’re working hard, then you hold for your partner and have down time before you do your next round. (BJJ) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has 2-3 minute rolls which may be all out or have bursts of activity. Krav Maga principle requires all out defense efforts and training follows that suit. In any of the activities you have potential to reach heavy breathing intensity then have time to recoup before you go again.

Interval training is suitable for the beginner to advanced students since everyone works according to their abilities. Beginners may use rest period as actual rest where more advanced students may use lower activity during the time to keep it challenging.

Core Conditioning

Very few, if any, martial arts skills can be done without the core. A punch loses its bite without pivots and the core helps transfer power from the hip pivot up to the arm. A (BJJ) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu roll would simply be flailing legs and arms without the core to connect and move your body. Kicks would be impossible without the core’s ability to stabilize the rest of the body while energy moves through the hip and leg.

The core is constantly challenged in martial arts training because it is called on to stabilize you during certain movements, load or transfer power, and manage sudden explosive changes in direction. It is a nice alternative to millions of crunches. Core strength will improve as you practice and many martial art skills will improve as your core strength grows. A strong core will also help to:

  • Decrease the risk of injury to the back and other areas of the body
  • Improve balance and stability
  • Improve efficiency of movement

Muscle Conditioning

Muscle training is associated with strength but faster reflexes, being able to work in full range of motion, and agility are equally important benefits. Healthy muscles also decrease wear and tear on joints, reduce chance of injury, and increase energy levels. Traditional strength training can increase strength but does not always improve function.

Improvements to muscle strength are achieved by overloading muscles and in martial arts this is often done with body weight based exercises. In addition to providing overload, body weight exercises can engage smaller stabilizer muscles that often go unchallenged with traditional strength training. Stabilizer muscles help make movements more efficient and protect joints. Most martial art exercises also encourage movement through a full range of motion which can help maintain flexibility. This type of training can lead to both strength and agility improvements.

Of course, as with any training, the overall effects will depend on the work you put into it.

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No matter how good you are on your when fighting on your feet, you must be equally proficient on the ground in order to have the most realistic self-defense techniques.  Especially when dealing with a bigger, stronger opponent, or with someone who can close the distance and force grappling or wrestling, or might just be better than you when standing.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Salem Massachusetts, shows us that no matter how small you are, you can be able to gain a dominant position on your opponent no matter how big they may be.

Did you know that 80-90% of street fights end up on the ground and almost ALL rapes end up on the ground as well?  So, relying only on your standing skills to defend you is not only naive but is also dangerous considering the statistics.  Fact of the matter is: if you don’t know how to defend yourself on the ground–you don’t know how to defend yourself.  The importance of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is to know how to defend against a ground attack and to be able to escape back to your feet if it were to happen.

BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Salem Massachusetts) is a martial art and combat sport that focuses on grappling and ground fighting with the goal of gaining a dominant position.  It uses joint-locks and choke holds to force an opponent to submit and also teaches you how to escape encounters on the ground.  Today, BJJ is practiced for fun, self-defense or sport by men and women, hobbyists, professional fighters, military, and law enforcement alike. A lot of people take BJJ for fun, or for the sport element of training in martial arts, but the practical street elements are there if the situation were to arise where you needed to get back to your feet if taken to the ground.

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Dragon Within Mixed Martial Arts, Salem MA, provides the most realistic and practical self-defense programs for the North Shore Area including, Peabody MA, Salem MA, Beverly MA, Lynn MA, Marblehead MA, Danvers MA