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A movie about two brothers who haven’t seen each other for years, the younger not speaking to the elder and both estranged from their father, who both wind up competing out of financial necessity in the same world-wide mixed martial arts worldwide championship?  How serendipitous!  The premise of the movie Warrior seems to be a guarantee of cliché melodrama you would expect from an underdog fighter film; however, for those who have no clue what Mixed Martial Arts(Salem Mass) entails, this movie could suffice for some MMA edification.

They not only act the parts, they enact the physicality of the roles.  As Mixed Martial Arts fighters they have to be in top shape and they are.  The fight scenes are brief but authentic looking.  This movie really entails what martial arts is about.  You really have a lot of respect for people who compete as Mixed Martial Artists.

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