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Here at Dragon Within we take pride in our philosophy and practices of Martial Arts.  We make it our mission to improve mental and physical wellness of our members.  We help our students gain self confidence and self control through a series of healthy exercise and self defense knowledge and practice.  Our Martial Arts program is designed to teach students patience and discipline through the journey within the Martial Art to a black belt.

We believe that within the structured Martial Arts classes our students develop self confidence, motivation to set and reach goals, respect, discipline, and self control.  Our class is taught at a pace which allows students to advance in their belt over time.  The time and work it takes to stay in class and earn a higher rank is what grows character, self discipline, and patience.  We understand that it is a difficult thing to stay motivated towards, which is why it is such a great achievement when they receive that next belt.  We stay focused on the Art and the way our curriculum is designed, helps develop positive character in our students over time.

The self defense skills taught in our class are specific to defending and escaping from a bully or attacker.   The skills are taught as a set curriculum within the specific Martial Art.  These practices are great to utilize as a cardio and fitness program.  Socially the class is great for people to stay motivated towards reaching their goals because it becomes a fun positive workout where you make friends and learn together.

Our students and staff practice and believe in compassion and patience when training.  We teach and understand our training at Dragon Within as a fun uplifting activity we do with our friends.   It is a place where you can forget about the stress of your workday and really focus on Martial Arts with your best buddies!

Dragon Within Martial Arts is specifically a Martial Arts academy.  Our school is structured with students, teachers, and the golden rule; “Treat others the way you would like to be treated”.  Our classes are taught in a fun and friendly manner.  Our classes teach children to be patient, confident, focused, and steadily working toward their next belt.  Our classes teach adults to be patient, confident, focused, and steadily working towards their next belt respectively.  Every one has their own journey to their black belt and so our instructors stay motivated to helping you at any speed you feel comfortable with, to earn it and meet any other goals you may have!   Come learn with us today! 🙂

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Knowing self-defense empowers you with powerful techniques, strategies and confidence for life-long success!

Dragon Within Martial Arts, Salem MA, provides the most realistic and practical self-defense programs for Massachusetts and North Shore Area including:
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