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The Superior Fitness Program behind Krav Maga Training

Are you getting your money’s worth at your local gym? Chances are you’re doing your cardio and your weights, plus trying some high-tech equipment. You may feel toned and even have a bit of spring in your step. The question is – how fit are you? You might feel a new power, but the reality is superior fitness can be found in the fighting techniques of Krav Maga. Krav Maga will expand your physical range and turn you into a specimen you might not recognize. Find out how much power is contained within this bold fitness-training program.

Train like a World-Class Fighter

The training boxers and wrestlers go through is known as the most physically demanding work for athletes. Martial artists take a similar approach in dedication and vigorous practice. Krav Maga incorporates Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, (BJJ), Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Karate; which together, transforms average people into skilled and composed street fighters every single day. From balance and agility to resistance and sheer ferocity, the Krav Maga routine will make you forget about any fitness program you’re following. It is the ultimate training program for self-defense and fitness.

It begins with a sharpening of reflexes and heightening of the senses. Imi Lichtenfeld, inventor of the Krav Maga technique, began practicing this system out of pure necessity. It was either “defend or vanquish” on the streets of pre-WWII Slovakia. Lichtenfeld learned how to disarm assailants coming at him with knives, sticks, clubs and superior numbers. When you train in self-defense on this level, you are engaging in fitness of the highest level.

To withstand an attack of multiple aggressors with weapons, you must be able to slide, dive, block, kick, jump, swing and catapult with abandon. Krav Maga prepares students to take the most comprehensive approach to self-defense. In fact, the idea is to withstand the attack and make sure the aggressor does not have the chance to make a second move. It is self-defense that hits back harder.

Incorporating Fitness Techniques into Warrior-like Presence

Lichtenfeld and his crew in Slovakia had no choice but to become modern warriors when faced with the terror of Nazi gangs. Modern Krav Maga helps you develop your strength, your endurance, your balance and your mental toughness. That is a part of any fitness program. Then you learn how to take it to another level. Krav Maga practitioners do not give up; they do not hesitate; and they do not waiver. If your life is ever challenged, you will know exactly how to respond.

Superior fitness becomes an element of your personality. When you walk down the street, everyone will be able to tell that you are a superior athlete. To challenge a fighter with Krav Maga training, you have to go “all in” or face the wrath of a warrior unleashed. The technique was invented as a means for survival, and it remains a way to learn and practice the fastest and most effective form of self-defense. It also is a way to reach the peak of your physical form. Before you waste another minute in the local gym, try a Krav Maga session and step into your true physical fitness zone.

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For many, the martial arts are solely about the physical benefits — lose a few pounds, get a good workout, maybe learn a few self defense techniques… and why wouldn’t they?  Martial arts really is a great, fun way to stay in shape.  However,  if you are basing your training only on the fitness aspect and only come to class one or two times a week; you may be cheating yourself out of the mental, spiritual and cultural aspects of the martial arts.

Eventually, the more train,  you’ll realize that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/BJJ is more than just arm-locks, sweeps and rolling; Thai kickboxing is more that hitting pads and working up a sweat and Filipino Jiu-Jitsu is more than knives, sticks and angles.  Over time, the little things will start to take on new meaning — why is there a Brazilian flag hanging in the front of the class? Why do we wear colored belts and why is it so great when I move up in belt rank? Why do we wear a gi in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/BJJ, but not in Filipino Jiu-Jitsu?  We’ll do a future post on the importance of asking questions in the martial arts, but for now let’s start with one of the most fundamental elements of martial arts culture:  Why do we bow?

Each class and each technique starts with a universal bow — from time to time, you’ll hear the instructor remind you to “pay your respects.”  What does that really mean?  The bow reminds us to respect the learning process, to notice and enjoy the ups and downs.  It reminds us to respect your classmates who are entrusting you not to injure them when you practice together, it reminds you that they are your teacher when they know more than you, and you are theirs when they know less. The reminds us that there is more to martial arts than just the physical benefits… if you seek it.  The bow reminds us to respect the art itself for the complete benefits it can bestow on you as a student — strengthening the body, calming the mind and awakening the spirit.

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